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Elections and Nominations

As you know, Branch Elections are being held on April 24. Nominations officially opened on March 13, and will be closing seven days before the election, so if you want to serve on the executive in the next fiscal year, there is still time to get two fellow Legion members to nominate you, and to put your nomination form in the box beside the nominations board in the Lounge.

Then the next important job is to attend the election meeting of members on April 24th and take part in the decmocratic process of nominating your executive committee for the 2018-2019 year.

All Branch members who are in good standing are eligible to nominate any other Strathcona member, or to be nominated and are definitely eligible to vote.

Branch Secretary

Our Branch Secretary, Helen Fraser, has decided she will not be continuing as Secretary when the new Branch fiscal year begins on June 1st. This will leave a large gap in rank of Branch Officers as Helen has held the position for several years and has served us outstandingly well.

This means we will be needing someone to fill the position come June and we invite our members to consider taking on the Secretarial duties. As mentioned above, the Secretary is an Officer of the Branch and is one of the cheque signers. It is an appointed position so the person filling it does not need to stand for election.

Briefly, the duties of the Secretary are to (a) keep a record of the proceedings of the meetings of the Branch and Executive Committees; (b) at every meeting to have the proper documentation relative to the business that may be transacted at the meeting; (c) be responsible for the maintenance, retention and safekeeping of all records.

Regarding record keeping Helen has developed a series of forms that make the task easier and which she will be pleased to pass on.
As a final note, the position of Branch Secretary is not restricted to females. Many Legion Branch Secretaries are men.

If you are interested in discussing the position, please send an email to Jim Simpson at and we will arrange to have a chat.

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Lest we forget...Lest we forget

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